Diztord is a Swedish metal studio project that features various artists that started in 2012. They recently collaborated with Linnea Vikstrom to create ‘Now We Burn’.
Vikstrom is a 23-year-old singer famous in the Swedish Metal scene. She is a live member of Therion and toured with Kamelot. ‘Now We Burn’ ft. Linnea Vikstrom is a single off their sophomore album Vol. 11.


‘Now We Burn’ music video is plainly shot in the studio at most parts. Like all metal studio videos, it has a heavy vibe. Lyrically and vocally, it sounds something like a pop symphonic punk metal. Linnea has incredible vocals; she can sing anything and her voice limitless. The music doesn’t sound new or innovative. The production is vocals-based; you can’t hear the instruments with clarity as they’re overshadowed by the vocals, specifically in the chorus. The lyrics are a bit repetitive. The chorus, again because of the production,is a bit messy and it’s repeated a lot that at the end it gets a bit annoying. I can’t help but think that one of the choruses could have been replaced by a solo. So all in all, ‘Now We Burn’ is a good song for headbanging fans, if only it had focused on the instruments as much as the vocals.