Karim Fetoum

Mixing electronic elements, dark brutal riffs, and fluid melodies, Daniel Bohn introduces “Divinity” as the first chapter of his upcoming journey, and it looks like we are all invited. “Divinity” was released by Daniel Bohn as an exclusive reward for his Kickstarter and now he is releasing it as a part of his upcoming concept album. It’s about the story’s protagonist’s loss of faith in the Gods after he was betrayed so, let’s see how that was translated in Bohn’s music.

“Divinity” borrows a lot of elements from different genres and mixes all of them together while keeping the dark twisted vibes alive and untouched. It opens with a pure electronic intro with some industrial drums, a creepy vocal melody, and a black metal atmosphere. The raw dark riffs are introduced in the most proper way accompanied by old school growls getting you right in the mood. I loved how it smoothly shifts into a groovy melodic catchy riff and at the same time, maintains its dark atmosphere and adds to it with the subtle guitar melody that keeps on progressing backed by relentless blast beats until it unfolds on the interlude around the 3:10 mins mark. That interlude helped add more texture to the soundscape with the pulsing beat and the super dark guitar melody, they keep on building until they explode into a slow heavy brutal riff that takes us to the outro.

“Divinity” has a solid structure that Daniel Bohn managed to keep it connected and interesting although it has various movements and twists. Its haunting dark riffs and melodies will keep you hooked and I’m really excited to check out the rest of this journey. Looking forward to the full length. Cheers!