Remember when a cute image appeared in your mind whenever someone mentioned an “”all girl”” band? In today’s landscape of heavy music, DivahaR destroy the stereotypes of old with their energizing and bewitching music, and brutal vocals reminiscent of Otep and Arch Enemy.
Hailing from Armenia, the black metal hammers in DivahaR have developed a name for themselves over the years, being well known inside the underground music nation for their gutsy shows and sticking to the soul of black metal even in their looks and stage presence. Their breakthrough moment came with their participation of Armenia’s Wacken Open Air regional metal battle. Recently, the band has wrapped up vocal production on their upcoming album.

Not easy to be grabbed, but my attention was tangled upon DivahaR‘s new music video Alien, or “Otary” in Armenian, you can check it from the link:

The term “alien” doesn’t necessarily mean an out-of-earth entity, it can also mean a non-belonging person, an alien in his own home. An idea that you can see in this music video as the model is representing a terrified lonely soul within a horde of similar people which might resemble that SHE is the alien amongst their presence.

Both the artistic concept and visual production is done well and professionally, the psychedelic feel it gives fits perfectly with the rhythm of the music. The swinging between symphonic black metal and traditional black metal may turn off purists, while others may say they are carving their own sound. The vocals, while powerful and fierce in delivery, comes with the setback of the lyrics being indistinguishable and hard to understand. As a fan of music who likes to connect with the lyrics as well as the music, I would have loved if the lyrics were a bit clearer to make out while I was listening. In the overall picture, this is a minor flaw that is overshadowed by the strong music and powerful image an all-girl black metal band like DivahaR exhibits.

So, I highly recommend this band and this track to our black metal demons among Rock Era readers. Until we meet again, leave your feedback and comments below!

Written by: Aya Fetouh and Ahmed Ali Ateyya
Image photoshopped by: Ahmed Ali Ateyya