Channeling their deeply emotional journey through their music, Hollow Crown started their planned 5 song journey through stages of grief with their debut single Disconnect. Released on the 24th of March 2023, Disconnect portraits the initial stage of trauma survival as described by the band. Let’s dig deeper into it together.

Pounding drums, attacking vocals, and larger-than-life melodic riffs are what’ll welcome you once you play Hollow Crown‘s Disconnect. Their complex, layered riffs are pretty entertaining, and the way they keep on hanging between purely melodic sound and total brutality kept Disconnect’s sound fresh and kept me off my seat headbanging. The vocal delivery was so damn catchy, it went in perfect harmony with those grinding riffs and smoothly changed throughout the song’s dynamic twists and turns, offering insanely catchy clean vocals with loads of powerful emotions seamlessly alongside harsh exploding ones, all in a relentless structure that pushes their sound forward, pumping loads of energy that’s transferred to their listeners, I believe that would be a banger when played live.

Hollow Crown offers everything a metalhead looks for in Disconnect, heavy riffs, unstoppable groove, deeply emotional lyrics, and mood changing dynamic twists that keeps us engaged and fully hooked. Looking forward to more from Hollow Crown, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!