The amazing musician, who has been chasing his ambitions and releasing music since 2017, is encouraging us to do the same with his new single “Disappear.” Daniel Monteiro’s unique music project, Under Neptune, is based in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. He’ll release an EP in 2022, and one of the single tracks, “Disappear,” was released on January 7th.

This is Daniel’s third collaboration with Alexis Dimitriou on vocals and recording. Dimitriou’s vocals added warmth and sincerity to the song, encouraging you to “Make a wish to the star” and hope it comes true.”Disappear” is one of those songs that draws your eyes and soul into the light, allowing you to realize how many hurdles you’ve overcome and how strong and capable you are of achieving your goals. “Don’t look back; we’ll find a way to start over from the ash.” The lyrics are full of hope and have the ability to ignite a small flame inside of you into a raging fire! From the intro to the outro, the music is flawless; with the pop-rock bright and sparkling vibes, created by the stunning guitar riffs and spectacular drums, exactly as the message “Under Neptune” wishes to convey through the single.

“Come with me to the place where the light is”, by listening to “Disappear” below:

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Viola Karmy