Cat Cork’s latest release changes shape and shifts throughout its runtime to deliver its message of staying true to one’s love, utilizing polarizing explosions and uncommon synth sounds, all resulting in an outstanding listening experience that’s unlike most things we’ve heard for a long time.

Cat Cork is an Australian singer and songwriter based in Woy Woy. Usually a writer of folk music, Cat Cork ventures out of this zone on ‘Disappear’, his latest single and part of his latest album Silver & Gold. The way that Cork goes down leans more heavily on a more experimental and electronic element, while retaining his music’s comforting, folk and pop-driven sound.

Basically, revolving his song around a synth sound he stumbled upon, Cork built the first 2 thirds of the song on a mix of this aggressive synth playing the song’s chords on top of heavy-handed, compressed beats, and beneath a simplistic guitar line and Cork’s own, melodic vocals. The song then explodes with an overdriven guitar-based crescendo on its last leg, driving home the song’s heartwarming message and Cat Cork’s affinity for heavier guitar tones and neatly written melodic conclusions.

‘Disappear’ is a song that ends far away from where it starts, yet it never seems outlandish or off-putting. Instead, we have on our hands a wholesome pop song with memorable melodies, gentle words and vocals, and a rocking climax that might not be as polarizing as it first seems.