Selvinia Selene

Although they were founded back in 2015, Baltimore-based rockers Thrillkiller haven’t been in the studio since their 2019 release. Today this all changed after they dropped their latest single, a cover of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana. Let’s see how they deal with one of their major influences and greatest songs of all time.

Thrillkiller sprinkled some glam metal and hard rock onto the already-rocking classic Dirty Diana. The keys and synths mix with bluesy guitars at the intro, plus the way the vocalist Rob Bradley handled such a great challenge, removed any doubt that they are up to what they were about to do right from the beginning. The crispier guitar tone added an angry texture to the melody, and that shredding KILLER solo was so damn epic! The atmospheric synth added a dark side to their sound that I really dig, it also helped add more depth to the music and gave it a bigger, catchier sound. 

Thrillkiller’s cover of Dirty Diana is a really bold move. Such a classic had almost everything, but they managed to put a part of their sound and soul into it. Vocalist Rob Bradley did a great job delivering those powerful vocal lines, while guitarist Sebastian Ochoa laid some killer licks and solos with his sharp axe. It shows their clever writing, good sense of melody, and high attention to detail. I’m definitely recommending this to everyone, looking forward to more from Thrillkiller, cheers!