Lately, I had the privilege to review many Iranian artists and bands, still, Parham Gharavaisi has been one of my favourites for a couple of years. Today I will review his cover for Firelake’s Drige for the Planet. Let’s find out.

If you are familiar with the original song, you may recognize that there exist two variations of it. One is a metal album version found on FireLake’s The Temptation Journey record, while the other is an acoustic rendition included in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl’s Original Soundtrack. This cover is based on the acoustic version.

Parham Gharavaisi‘s rendition of Dirge for the Planet stands out for seamlessly blending both versions into one track. His emotive vocals, whether clean or growling, coupled with precise rhythm and melodic riffs, create a truly iconic fusion. Gharavaisi, renowned for his melodic metal compositions, has truly excelled in this rendition. Despite recording at home without professional equipment, he managed to produce a polished and professional result.

Parham Gharavaisi is already in my music collection and one of the artists that I enjoy listening to his new releases and I cannot wait to listen to his next one. Cheers!