Ah, Greece! How many famous metal bands blessed our ears from there? Dimlight are a relatively young band, who are considered as a Symphonic Death Metal band, were created back in 2006, with three albums released to date: Obtenebration (2009), Psycosynthesis (2012), and The Lost Chapters (2015).

Their music video ‘Invoking the Hunter’ came out a few days ago as their fourth track from their latest album and the second single out, and boy what was that track!

The video starts with a few lines describing how Osiris is becoming weak and his people turning against him. He decided to punish them by creating Hathor, born on the shores of the Nile, to punish them for their disobedience and blasphemy to a dying god – the whole albums is a concept album, which is why you need to listen to it if you hadn’t yet. Some heavy riffs kick in with his birth! Sick riffs! The drums were steady throughout the whole track.

You started feeling a bit of a shift mid-track, a bit in 2:00s with that female vocal and some symphonic elements in the background. The track has one of the best outros I’ve heard. I had the last minute on repeat. Outstanding!