With a clear guitar solo that tears through the ether and commands attention, “Different Times” is a song that speaks to the soul. The music is bizarre, influenced, and the lyrics poetic. Adam’s voice disappears into the background to let the guitar solo do the talking, music drives the ride, and listeners are in for a treat. “Different Times” does not disappoint, it takes an otherworldly turn without being unfaithful to the genre through which it belongs. Adam’s slow and mellifluous guitar fits perfectly with his smooth vocals, creating a mesh of sounds that takes listeners to a high of sorts.
Although a fusion of genres, “Different Times” is a faithful rock track, borrowing elements from psychedelia and using mellow R&B tunes but remaining a simple rock song, thematically and aesthetically. Adam Brookes’s “Different Times” is the first single released from his upcoming debut solo album, and a great intro for all that matters. It introduces listeners not only to his musical musings but also encapsulates his lyrical philosophy through sophistication, impression, and some great strings and chords that haunt the soul, not just the ears.

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Jaylan Salah