Olly Lagemann is here to continue down the path of hardcore, addictive krautrock. Blending deep, “uber-Deutsch” singing with intense musical atmospheres on his latest single ‘Die Ewiggestrigen’, Lagemann crafts an engulfing vibe that’s wholly immersive.

A German, Olly Lagermann is based in Cuxhaven, and his music is inspired by great European rock acts that pioneered post-punk and industrial rock back in the 80s like Can, Kraftverk, or the more recent Rammstein, all heavy-handed, all brash, and all loud. Olly Lagemann’s music on ‘Die Ewiggestrigen’ can be summed up by the abrasive guitars, deep baritone, and wall-of-sound mix, blended with melodic chord sequences and relatively gentle piano lines.

An inventive, shapeshifting beat is working double time to follow the song’s dynamic structure, constantly shifting between different sections and riffs. Lagemann has a strong songwriting toolkit and he uses it to create a song that’s never settled and certainly never boring.

‘Die Ewiggestrigen’ is a song that isn’t taking itself too seriously, allowing it to have an element of fun about it, in spite of the dark, existential lyrics and foreboding atmospheres, allowing itself also some distance from its infamous German counterparts, ensuring along the way that it has a unique sound recognizable to Olly Lagemann. A fun bit of dynamic industrial rock with solid songwriting and performances.