Garret Stotko

A band from Santa Barbara has created “Plastic Harpoons” inventing the coolest Indie rock classic music that tells a story to their listeners, they recently released their first new song “Diamond Wings” which on the 17th of June, 2022 that has the coolest vibe to it, This band started off in 2019 with the lead singer Taylor Casey, and then met with Daniel Vasquez the lead guitarist, Sean Renken on bass and Bijan Firouzan on the drums.

The song “Diamond Wings” has a catchy guitar playing in the first few seconds and then comes the lush indie folk vocals that Taylor starts singing telling the story of the Greek legend about “Icarus” that popped up to his mind to write about with superb creativity of telling on the story in an interesting way that he gives the same story example as the modern problem of human beings being in the same situation being obsessed with the current living style that people lives in this time with luxurious stuff and hallucinated with bad influences that gets you distracted out of life with no purpose.

It has nice laid-back music that you can tap on and give an energetic vibe to your life, an official video was also, released for the song “Diamond Wings”, a creative show of what the song is trying to connect your thoughts of the meaning of the story of this song with a lovely ending of them all leaving on a horse and the sound of birds that sings to the rest of the video.

Some people love to put in some historical meaning to their songs that can connect to a special crowd of people who would totally get the deep story of it, which Taylor did in this song because once you’ve known what is it about, it gets interesting for someone to listen more thoroughly to the song lyrics. This is genius and a lot can be created through this awesome and creative band “Plastic Harpoons.”