Heidi Athay

‘Diamond,’ the new single and video from Toronto shoegaze/indie rock duo Soft Set, is available now on all digital streaming platforms.  

Soft Set’s sophomore single, ‘Diamond,’ follows up on last year’s “More More More.” Later this summer will see the release of the band’s new album, “Still Life.” Mastered at SPS by Slowdive’s Simon Scott. 

As a prelude to Still Life, the band’s forthcoming debut studio album, the lush and sweeping ‘Diamond’ ties in beautifully with the previously shared ‘More More More’. Taking a more open-minded approach to shoegaze, their newly released single explores a gloomy and melancholic mood with a bevy of sonic textures. 

A true crime podcast served as inspiration for this moody and ominous track. Band member James Gray talked about the strange story of a boy who killed his mother and then himself in Jefferson Township, NJ, during the late 1980s. “The whole story was just so bizarre,” Gray said. All of that changed in the months building up to the awful night when everything changed for him. 

It was in high school that the duo first It didn’t take long for them to learn how much they had in common when they first became friends, particularly in terms of musical preferences. Their sound is influenced by the work of famous artists such as The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, RIDE, The Stone Roses, etc. 

From dream pop to ’90s shoegaze and everything in between. The sound of British pop is hidden behind a foggy backdrop. Every one of those initial musical inspirations plays a significant role in this track, which builds a mesmerising mystique as it progresses. The twangy charm of a reverberating guitar rhythm is gradually revealed. In addition to the swooning vocals and guitar-laden pulses, there is an extra element of enticement. The song comes to a satisfying end with a lingering guitar riff that sounds like it could be from another dimension. Intoxicating melodic progressions and anesthetic vocals make this song irresistible.