Strength, weight, and exquisite harmony combine to form the single “Devours You,” the latest release by rock band Abandon the Fall with American rock band Dayshell (Shayley Bourget – ex-clean vocalist, bassist, guitarist for the band Mice & Men). who also marked the track with their backs during the singing.

The explosive “Devours You” is all about toxicity, seeing someone walking down a dark path as they try to drag you in. A conversation goes back and forth with this person, and the vocalist is divided between trying to help him and not being taken advantage of by him.

Abandon The Fall brings us an energy-packed musical composition that made an excellent piece of hard rock, the guitar brings great notes and exploding bass while the drums add powerful beats and sultry lines that leave us admiring with great melodies, demonstrating the tremendous talent of this band.

Dayshell’s soulful singing reminded us that pure vocals and screams can’t be difficult, but only a few can do it. “Devours You” is a blast that left me in shock long after it ended as it reminded me of the flavor of the wonderful Linkin Park trails.

Abandon the Fall is a passionate solo music project led by Juan Espinoza, who does everything in his power to cover the human experience through sound influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, and Mice And Men, always looking for new challenges to show his creativity. So listen to his new release “Devours You“.