With zero interest in genre boundaries, NY-based rockers The Manimals are freely mixing their influences with their creative perspective on their latest single Detonate which was out September 8th, 2023. Their soft melodies and how they magically evolve into something that’ll throw you off your seat singing along will instantly send Detonate to your “Favorites” playlist. Let me tell you more about it.

Opening Detonate with a mellow smooth intro, The Manimals started building their sound up with steady steps. The mellow soft vocals and warm guitar arpeggios mix created a heartfelt emotional sound, and as the song moved on new elements were added step by step leading to an escalating dynamic progression that prepared the listeners for the upcoming energy booster. Detonate explodes into an open-sounding, blasting energetic flow with punk-ish groove and super catchy melodies, showing The Manimals‘ mature writing in creating such a cleverly arranged structure with extremely entertaining twists and turns that keep the listeners fully hooked and invested in their sound.

Detonate is a solid tune with irresistable powerful sound and unstoppable flow, demonstrating The Manimals well-knowledge of their vision and direction, as they skillfully steered the song’s dynamics towards a catchier hard-hitting approach without compromising their sound. Looking forward to more from The Manimals, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!