With deeply touching melodies and great production that made it all click with the listeners, the British duo Guild Theory dropped their latest single Despot. Described by the band as “an emotional and powerful song, telling the story of a country’s dictator being forced out by the people. It tracks his fall, escape and plans for revenge”, Despot is one of those songs that’ll easily find its way to your “On Repeat” playlist. Let’s dig deeper into it together. 

Guild Theory‘s Despot opens with dark melancholic piano and an atmospheric, emotional vocal melody. It smoothly moves forward keeping its mood uncompromised with an escalating structure that adds a dynamic layer to its soft heart-hitting sound, producing a multi-layered formula that cements its dark sound while keeping the listeners hooked and following its subtle dynamic shifts. Despot has an amazingly well-written and arranged instrumentation, mixing its gothic-influenced mood with Guild Theory‘s rocking roots, while the vocal melody perfectly delivered the deep heartfelt touching vibes I believe Guild Theory desired, building a powerful connection with the fans and listeners in an irresistible flow that makes feel every single word and note.

Despot is a solid release with an authentic organic sound by Guild Theory, showing their full control of their vision and their mature writing as they carefully steered its dynamics to keep things interesting without compromising their mood. Looking forward to more from Guild Theory, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!