The album features 8 tracks covers that gives an emotive, atmospheric alternative rock/electronica style that delivers hope. “I wanted to make something to give people hope. I think music can be an instrument of catharsis, and if I can help one person find some sort of release in this crazy world, that’s my release too” – dep.

The album is really nice especially his elements that have been used throughout his music. It gives you a feeling that you’re on a mountain and observing the whole world in peace, and this what I felt especially with my favorite track of the album, “Shimmer (Inception).” Anyhow, what you feel from the music could be different from someone to another, others were melt with its melody and beats.

I noticed the duration is quite long, and hope he consider this in upcoming releases so some audience these days lose interest with long-length tracks.

Peck says about the concept of “We Are the Lights That Will Not Go Out” is; “We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out” is by far my favorite album yet. I think anyone who makes anything has certain water-shed moments in their life, creatively. This feels like one of mine. Ambient soundscapes and electronic beats have been set aside, to make way for acoustic guitars, stadium drums and big, epic walls-of-sound”.

The album is available now on Spotify, SoundCloud, and BandCamp.

Mena Ezzat.



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