I have one word for these guys…CREATIVE! Well, while checking “Democracy and Freedom” you can feel the German metal vibes that have been so highly influential and inspirational for our metal world in the past 4 decades. The song riffs are insanely melodic and catchy to your ears. It’s one of the tracks that you don’t it to end really! The only problem here is that this song was 3:46 minutes only! I wish if they were 10 really! The soloing here is very impressive. I loved how it’s so harmonic and energetic too. The tightness of vocals along with guitars, bass and drums create a great metal painting! Royal Incest is a band with a great experience and career since the early ’90s. Yes,! one of nowadays German metal icons for sure. Don’t forget to check the rest of the tracks of “Queen of Drama” here. Now, feel the Democracy and Freedom below!

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Mena Ezzat