DemiAura is a progressive metal band from Phoenix, AZ. The band shows influences from rogues and giants of the genre like Iron Maiden, Rush, Dream Theater, Tesseract, Periphery, Liquid Tension Experiment, Opeth, Cynic and many others. They play a lot like all of these bands and that’s what appears in their music.

DemiAura currently consists of three members:

  • Bobby Chavez – Lead Guitar
  • Keith Heaney – Acoustic/Electric Percussion/Drummer
  • Jonathan Gabriel Jr. – Keyboards


DemiAura said that their music is fearlessly textured with influences from an endless bevy of styles. From progressive metal to jazz fusion and even film soundtracks, nothing is off the table when it comes to where DemiAura draws its inspiration.

The band’s tracks are sounds like those of video games and more precisely car racing games. They also sound like the soundtracks of hardcore movies, which is good… but it kind of gets boring after a while as most of the tracks share the same theme.

Bobby Chavez’s guitar riffs are superb. He’s flaming the tracks with his heavy tones and he delivers the energy and action he needs to deliver.
What actually gets to me is the cohesion between the double base and heavy riffs. It sounded great, so blended together and so fast that it gets you going all the way till the music stops.

Even though it’s the band’s debut, it’s a promising start for DemiAura. But, I think they still made a couple of mistakes in this album like:
Unifying the rhythm and theme of songs. The tracks were so related in a way that makes you feel lost because you can’t recall a unique tone in a specific track.

Also, I think DemiAura irrationally doubled their tracks’ duration. Some tracks didn’t need more than 5 minutes while others did. But, as a whole, I think they should’ve cut some time off their long duration tracks.
However, DemiAura did more than good on this album. They just need to focus on the excitement factor concerning their music so as to not be boring to some people.

And I think if that album had at least 2 tracks with vocals, it could’ve changed a lot.
In my humble opinion track #10 ‘Troll’ needed some vocals to turn it into a hit.

Edited by: Ahmed S. Khalil

Revised by: NJ Bakr