Actually, I loved how he is very organized either for songwriting or promoting his album. While listening to ‘Delta Tales’ and checking his bio, I was really amazed by his music experience that even during 20 years he participated casually in blues events. The 10-tracks album, is very impressive actually it reminded me of the ’90s, I felt it like a merge between the golden era back in the ’60s and ’70s, and even our modern day. The music is really nice, and I loved his voice so much, I loved his vintage vocal tone. It’s so deep, emotive, and powerful. There’s no doubt that the music is well written and performed, and I kinda dare you to find any negative point over here. “You have got to release these songs. You’ve got to be on our label.” – PeacockSunrise president, Nick Katona clarified how was his reaction when he listened to Blangero’s music for the first time. If you’re a rock, blues, or R&B fan then no worries you will find your song over there. The album includes several guests like Ace Acker, Andy Taravella, Bambo Kino, Bob Esterly, Chuck Hall, David Granati, Eddie Costa, among many others. Although it was a bit difficult to record this album during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially it was in multiple studios but Steven “Ace” Acker had a great input indeed for production to make sure that it’s well presented and produced. “Delta Tales is focused on my love of more organic rock music like that of Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, early Elton John, Dan Penn, and a host of others. It reflects my love of southern rock and Texas soul. I titled the album Delta Tales because it focuses on southern themes and because I live in the Texas delta of the Rio Grande Valley.” – Blangero explained. The album is available at PeacockSunrise Records or via all major platforms. Check it out below!

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Mena Ezzat