Spacey, psychedelic, and empowering. This is the type of realm Gabrielle Ornate’s new release, Delirium,” transports us to. So buckle up and enjoy the liberating cosmic journey!

Gabrielle Ornate is an artist who knows how to stand out amidst the crowd, how to make resonating music, and how to leave her trademark on every piece of art of hers. She fuses rock and pop sensibilities delicately to create her own dreamy, fussy, and lusty sound. The fittingly titled “Delirium” is three and a half minutes of escapism. The song offers the feeling that it’s somewhere in between floating on the surface of an ocean and soaring among the clouds, which makes perfect sense because the song is all about losing control, reaching the inner goddess, and embracing what’s out there in the world.

The distinct musician offers a polished piece where both her vocals and the instrumentation are top-notch and align together to build the desired atmosphere. The ethereal yet edgy vocal line, along with the energizing yet misty melodies, are together like a hunting dream that is incomprehensible but still magical and addictive enough to make one not want to wake up from it.

The electrifying synth, crunchy riffs, and upbeat percussion offer such a solid attitude that it is easily ears-grabbing; however, they leave the space for the glamorous vocal to sparkle and highlight its prowess. The introspective lyrics skip layers and go directly to the core to put one in a certain state, and Gabrielle’s hypnotic performance with the psychic sonic bliss smoothly paves the way along with the lyricism to reach the depths.

To sum it up, a meditative, blasting soundscape with appealing grooves, a wide range of vocal abilities, and polished execution are what’s waiting for you when you dare to enter the unearthly cosmos of Gabrielle Ornate. “Delirium” below will give you a glimpse, and to dig deeper, you can go here and dive into our articles about her other outstanding releases.