Fraser Taylor

You can’t swim across rough oceans, nor could you dive deep for the strangling of the aquarium plants that would hold you down till you lose your breath.

Neve Bowen the indie rock artist from the London empire released her second single “Deep Blue Ocean” which is set to be a part of her upcoming LP titled “Lifeline” which is set to be released soon.

Deep Blue Ocean” is a track that fuses rock with pop adding some electronic melodies and post-modern synths to theme it out as a rock-pop track.

The track is generally about how your head could turn into rough oceans Through overthinking and anxiety which prevents you from swimming and enjoying your life for the waves and the hindering they caused. “Deep Blue Sea” is a mental health boost track that intends to improve the quality of our mental strength and stability.

Deep Blue Ocean” begins with electronic synths in a pop manner that reminded me of Lil’ Wayne’s feature with B.O.B Strange Clouds” which emerges from Neve Bowen’s pop influences and how she likes to add that into her music signature.

The 19-year-old’s vocals are angelic and smoothly brighten your challenging thoughts that keep looking around like a headband. 

Given the current track “Deep Blue Ocean”, I’ll be waiting in line for the release of Neve Bowen’s EP “Lifeline” and I’m sure I won’t be the only one in line.