These guys were very smart to catch your ears with an impressive melodic symphonic intro using melodic ballad-feel lead guitar solos and later put you in front of the gates of a unique experimental black metal journey. The singing style is amazing really it provides the old-school along with modern harmonic techniques, but what really amazed me is the guitar soloing which is icoinc indeed. Well, imagine that you’re having a talk with the Death Angel but from a different perspective, “Death…the five letter word every human fears. It is looked upon as an ending of sorts. A final demise. Oh, how wrong the human race is. We at Deathcryptopia look at death as a new beginning. A pathway to another realm. Our new single called “Death” is the first part of a major storyline where not all is as it seems. Join us in Deathcryptopia. A feast of the eyes and ears, but a nightmare for the soul.” – Deathcryptopia explained. Feel the black vibes below!  


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Mena Ezzat


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