DEAR-GOD is the musical project of 22-year-old artist Robert Ortiz. With a self-produced vision that incorporates punk, hardcore and industrial sounds with rap cadences into something truly singular, DEAR-GOD has occupied a unique and exciting space since arriving in 2019. He’s seen over 2 million Spotify streams, and the project has been featured in NME, CBC, Zane Lowe’s Beats 1, The Fadar, Clash Magazine, Revolver, and EARMILK.


Many of the songs from his debut LP, The Punchline, deal with difficulties in life and Ortiz’s commentary on society. His song, “Good Person,” in particular is about moral authority and pacifism. For Ortiz, harmful actions deserve due penance.

“When I have a serious issue with someone due to their harmful actions, I try to seek the most just punishments I can think of,” Ortiz explains his vengeful song inspiration. “Some people have called me crazy for how I react, but it’s all I’ve ever been taught. It’s influenced by the violence I’ve been shown throughout my life, and I react based on how I would expect people to react to me doing those same things.

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