“Like so many others in the wake of recent events, I became closed off from the outside world, and neglected some of the most important people in my life.” –Jon says.

This bittersweet balad, though coming from a heart-wrenching motive, it has been put together with the right balance of every facete of Rock: Alternative, Classic and Indie.

The guitar, gentle and yet piercing, makes a beautiful, solo break in between the lyrics, while the drums and the bass connect everything through a rich yet breathy texture.

The vocals, unwrapping throughout the song in a slow tempo, with an almost Lo-Fi effect.
In Jon’s own words: “So, “Dear Friends”… I’m sorry I didn’t stay in touch. I’m often overwhelmed. This is a song about how much I miss everyone I’ve met along the way – those who have stuck around, just as much as those that have come and gone – and I wouldn’t be who I am today without every single one of you.”

‘Jon Sandman’ is his own solo project. Primarily writing on guitar and piano, but also introducing acoustic and electronic beats and orchestral sounds.
“I love exploring the half-way house between the organic and the electronic.”

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