Mixing various influences like pop and R&B with metal, Wind Walkers are representing a new evolution of metal that can carry the genre forward. Formed in 2015, Wind Walkers started slowly to gain popularity starting with their cover of Halsey’s song “Without Me” and now their discography holds around 18,000,000 plays on Spotify. Lately they joined forces with vocalist Trevor Borg who wrote the lyrics for their latest single “Dead Talk” that we’ll be reviewing today. Trevor wrote the lyrics after the death of his grandfather and he describes it as “exemplifies a range of emotions and highlights the experience of losing a loved one for the first time”. Wind Walkers was keen on making their return notable so, they dropped a music video for “Dead Talk” directed by Alex Kouvatsos at BlackWolf Imaging, the song is produced, mixed and mastered by Nick Matzkows, with additional production coming from Jon Eberhard and now, let’s see what it is all about.

“Dead Talk” is a heavy song emotional and music wise, starting from the intro with that nice melody combined with heavy riffs that keeps on getting heavier as the song goes. The riffs are notably dynamic and energetic combined with that diverse powerful vocal melody creating a perfect match. “Dead Talk” has amazing dynamics with ups and downs and parts designed to throw you off your seat and keep you hooked till then end specially, the heavy pounding riff around min 2:20 sent me headbanging all over the place. 

“Dead Talk” is a song that shows Wind Walker’s character, it shows that they are not afraid to explore different sounds, dynamics and moods and this can really take them far away. I loved the steady heaviness of the song through riffs and amazing drum work and how it’s sometime pure heaviness and sometimes melodic, the vocal delivery and melody is a perfect match as I said before giving the song diverse sounds makes it even more interesting. I believe Wind Walkers is one metal band with big chances of breaking through as it is clear that they have the ability to explore and evolve and I’ll be keeping an eye on them to witness their success. Keep it up guys and looking forward for more. Cheers!