The English group 9 O’clock Nasty is eager to unveil their newest single, “Dead Pilot,” which is bound to spark numerous questions as you listen to the track. Let’s delve into it together!

9 O’clock Nasty stands out as one of our beloved rock bands in Rock Era Magazine. They excel in showcasing a diverse array of styles in their music, blending professional and expertly crafted post-punk, alternative, rock, pop, and dark wave elements seamlessly.


“Dead Pilot” raises questions about people whom we live our lives in full control for. According to their press info, the track is inspired by “Part myth, part horror story, the events of Flight MH370 remain a mystery. At the beating heart of the trauma a man. The dead pilot. The centre. The pivot. The line of life and death. Best show them some respect eh?” In fact, recently in Cairo, Egypt, we faced a kind of similar situation as an Uber Driver was aiming to assault his passenger on that trip, which led to her fear of opening the car door and getting out of it during the trip while the car was moving. After several weeks in a coma, the girl unfortunately died due to her injury.

When it comes to music, undoubtedly, they are currently the best in the international music scene, in my opinion, for offering such distinctive diversity through their music. It’s worth noting that they flawlessly blended old-school and contemporary elements. The fusion was palpable as I listened, and upon reviewing the press information, my conviction was solidified: “A keyboard break reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. The drumbeat that defined the sixties. A haunting lyrical narrative. We’ll take you on a journey.”

Absolutely, I concur with the sentiment shared by 9 O’clock Nasty regarding the critical role played by pilots, surgeons, and Uber drivers in the world of DEAD PILOT! It is essential to acknowledge that not all pilots are alike, with most carrying out their duties professionally and ensuring everyone’s safety. Let’s remain optimistic and heed the advice of Dead Pilot while sharing your insights.