According to the artist Charlie, the song is inspired by the music piece itself, and how ‘My head is feeling worn but that’s fine cuz my dead ideas are born.’

“Ever since Flyboy Jetty recorded his vocals for the hook, I knew I was going to finish it because I really couldn’t get it out of my head. The off-beat trumpet stabs are inspired by old jazz tracks.” –said Charlie.

And this is not just his words, the song is simply well made from the top to the outro. Hard work pays well. 

The sonic backbone is composed mainly of playful, bouncy tech beats that pop in and out as the vocals play. That being said, you add a catchy chorus that will make anyone relate to their own memories and experiences, while the hook by Flyboy Jetty makes the cherry on top. And you get a song to have on replay.


‘Dead Ideas’ represents the first single and title track from Don’t Connect‘s forthcoming debut album, with a music video is also upcoming. 

Though he has just a few more singles out, Don’t Connect is one to watch out for and follow up, having previously achieved placements in Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday UK’, ‘The Other List’, ‘Hot New Bands’, and ‘An Alternative Future’. The song ‘5’ was played in the Co-op supermarkets across the UK for a week.


For more, you can find their work at different music apps and platforms like Apple Music , Soundcloud and Spotify .


Although not directly related to their music, Don’t Connect’s artsy website has got a bright, vibrant paint cover of ‘Dead Ideas’, and an overall eyecatching presentation, which also speaks on behalf of these eclectic artists. Their other social presence on Instagram is also very easy-going.


The record company Falling Vinyl are printing and selling 1000 copies of the track towards the summer.


Mercedes Thomas