Coleman Rodgers

In the Metaverse futuristic era when you will have an immersive virtual universe and be able to attend concerts through apps enjoying a surreal experience whilst setting on your L-shape sofa in your living room. Well, how about having this experience NOW through only your hearing and would still feel as if you are attending the show through the DCxPC Live marvelous record?

DCxPC Live presents the Hardcore Punk band Some Kind Of Nightmare with a live recorded EP from the first gig post-COVID that flames with energy and passion and hunger for music also.

From San Diego, United States the Hardcore Punk band ruthlessly and passionately plays their flash speed riffs and angry-themed music at  Lou’s LMGA in Orlando, where you can sense the power of the stage and presence just by ear.

The EP is raw and contains hardcore sounds of the drums played by Joshua Varichak and guitar riffs by Chy Mess and also fast pace basslines by Molly Mess.

The EP is in a fast form and resonates as a Hardcore Punk classic record that it was released in vinyl! A bizarre mixture of Vinyl, live experience, and Hardcore Punk.

Some Kind Of Nightmare have already started their US winter tour on Dec 9th, touring in states like Texas, Louisiana, and California until January 21st and blasting some fire-flaming warming riffs to your cold winter.