The DCxPC live community has been firing on all cylinders for a while now. Since their inception around the time of the pandemic, when live performances started facing strict restrictions, and most of them had to be moved to confined environments and live streams of controlled shows, DCxPC took it upon their shoulders to record those streams and then publish them as live vinyl records with covers that pay homage to VMLive album covers of the 1990s. Today we bring you yet another live show and yet another DCxPC release of Degenerates of Punk live from Ralph’s Rock Diner.

Calling their sound Ramones-core pop punk, Degenerates of Punk’s life shows are quite simply a blast. Infectious, hectic, and energetic, their breakneck-paced cuts are short and rapid, organic and heartfelt too. The drums are powerful and the yelled vocals are charismatic. Perhaps the live recording sound leaves a little to be desired on this particular cut from DCxPC, but there can be no denying that the stellar performances left the crowd rowdy and quite hyped, as we can clearly hear after each song. 

This Degenerates of Punk DCxPC release is a noble effort to catch the lightning of pandemic-era live shows in many, neatly-designed bottles. The recordings successfully translate the energy and intentions behind those performances quite well, if they translate the sound slightly less so. This vinyl is a quirky novelty that will be quite precious for collectors of quirky and limited punk recordings.