Once again DCxPC introduces us to our next favorite extreme band on their 15th live release, as they recorded No Coffin live at Lou’s. No Coffin offers a fast brutal sound with heavy thrash and hardcore influences that’ll throw you off your seat headbanging. Let me tell you about it.

No Coffin opened their DCxPC live set with energy-boosting drumming and some sliding guitar teasing that fills the listener with anticipation, preparing for the explosion to come on No Coffin/God Killer. No Coffin/God Killer is an ideal record and show opener, as it demonstrates No Coffin’s intensity and heaviness as well as their melodic side, all in a cleverly written and arranged structure. Excellent start from my POV. Wasting no time, those guys maintain their brutality with Reverse Prayer’s hard-hitting intro. They smoothly steer the song’s dynamics into a quite dark interlude that builds up for what’s next and allows the crowd to breathe before the heavy riffing storm that’s coming towards them. .45 comes next with a thrashy sound and an irresistible groove, it kept on getting faster and heavier with rollercoaster, neck-breaking riffs in a solid straight-to-the-point killer structure. Pushing forward towards a darker sound comes Fires in the Cleanse. All Life Must End, with OSDM influences. Its relentless riffs and dense sound got me strongly headbanging nonstop while those powerful attacking vocals set a perfectly engaging live mood. Over creeps in with a doomy feel and fat deep bass. It has a slow pace that took its heaviness to the max, adding to that those well-written and thought, creepy guitar melodies and how they were arranged and you get a mix that every heavy music fan wishes for, totally my favorite. With a sludgy twist comes Money Brings Tragedy, it has an amazing groove at the verse that I wished would’ve lasted longer, and some super shreddy raw guitar work that I believe hyped the crowd. It keeps on swinging between those groovy riffs and guitar licks in an improvisational-like structure before engaging in an intense banging phase with some awesomely jazzy drumming, closing their set on a high note. 

DCxPC Live Presents Vol. 15 No Coffin Live at Lou’s Shows No Coffin‘s extremely dynamic energy, tight songwriting, and solid chemistry. The trio delivers a relentless show that kept me hooked and hyped while only listening to it! Can’t believe how good it feels to actually be there. Looking forward to more from No Coffin and to more live gems from DCxPC, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!