Daylight Robbery are pleased to present their first single ‘Samarah Never Sleeps’ from their new album Seconds Out. The single is now available from all popular download sites including iTunes and Amazon.

The new album promises grander melodies and anthem choruses, as well as being the first album to feature the bands new keyboard player – David Billingham, and the return of the original band drummer – Chris Miller.

The single ‘Crossing The Great Divide’ was subsequently released with the accompanying video documenting the band’s HRH/AOR performance. The release went on to include new songs from Queensryche, FM and Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) in a Classic Rock Magazine readers’ poll earlier this year.

‘Seconds Out’ will be released in 2014.

The single sounds like a score to the Japanese horror movie “Ringu”, as well as its more famous American equivalent “The Ring”. The cinematography hugely depends on that in the flying white particles and the bluish color palate of the video clip. The epic rocking solo at the end of the song truly puts you in the mood of Samarah never sleeps. It’s haunting and it makes you feel as if your souls are being held captive by Samarah.

Dina Yacout