When you daydream, no rules exist; your mind is the director, and you’re allowed to blend things for a pleasant result. Tonie, a Vietnamese/American singer-songwriter/producer based in NYC, have created a perfect, balanced blend of fear-infused lyricism and joyous picked-up tempo in their highly relevant track, “Daydreaming.” It has an insanely catchy, energetic rhythm, straightforward drumbeats, fascinating guitar riffs, and a splendid electric solo, all of which bring good vibes until you tear down the harmonic, delightful barrier and pay attention to the story that the lyrics tell, and how amazingly it describes the puzzle of sticking around with the one you love or chasing your dreams. The chorus captures what it’s like to lose relationships over career aspirations. And lines like And lines like: “What if who I meant to be means losing you?” just hits hard! With a delicate, lively, and passionate voice, the vocals nailed the combination of a bright timbre as the melody and conveyed the tension, and anxiousness in the lyrics.

“Daydreaming” expresses your fears and concerns about forsaking your social life, love life, and living up to your dreams, and how difficult it is to strike a balance between the two, but it is essential. However, it won’t leave you upset. On the contrary, it will make your day better as it will make you feel less lonely, illuminate a green sign to make you pay attention if the scale is tipping, and elevate your soul with the fast tempo.


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Viola Karmy