Brian Corley

Since the Mars McClanes’ return, they’ve been restless; with 3 singles already released this year; ‘Riddle’ that reached over 10K streams on Spotify, ‘The Worriers’ at 1.5K streams, and ‘Wherever You Go’ that has over 11K streams so far. The band is quickly gaining the liking of its audience and their music is already on multiple Spotify playlists resulting in over 6.6K monthly listeners on Spotify only! 

Yet with no intention of slowing down soon, the band just dropped their fourth single “Day is Done” and it’s as remarkable and unique. Like the other singles, the song was recorded at a Southern comfort studio built in the basement of Waylon Jennings’s former Nashville home. As always, the Mars McClanes are all about interesting context and meaningful lyrics; the single is about a moment of realization and maturity when you start to understand that rushing into love is not durable and that giving it time and effort is the way to go. It’s that moment in your 20s after several relationships and experiences that you understand putting effort into relationships last rather than rushing into them and ending them as soon as they started. The song starts with a sweet guitar tune and a catchy motif then the opening vocal line “I stand corrected” and he starts talking about an experience and describing emotional phases that all lead to a certain conclusion as if he’s telling a beautiful story, it’s surely not your usual love song. This song was written right after the band attended a Jackopierce concert and was originally on acoustic guitars, then it evolved to its current form and several instrumental lines and sound effects were added. As the band adds “The version we recorded at Southern Comfort hits harder and draws more comparison to OneRepublic and The Fray”. We hope the band releases an acoustic version of the song to give us a feel of their interesting work process and raw emotions.