Davide Lo Surdo is consecrated forever in the history of music and becomes a living legend. The young Italian guitarist has been included in the book dedicated to the History of Music “Rock Memories Vol. II”, alongside names of the caliber of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.
Lo Surdo appears on the cover of the book and on the back cover we find the legendary Jim Morrison of “The Doors”.
Rock Memories Vol. II is the second volume of a box set on the history of music, written by Maurizio Baiata (music critic and former co-editor of Rolling Stone magazine Italian edition).
Baiata traces the history of music through his articles. In the second volume, in addition to the great names already mentioned, he also writes about Carlos Santana, Van Halen, The Who, Lou Reed, King Crimson, Patti Smith and many others.
Interviews with John McLaughlin, Franco Battiato and Carmine Appice are also published in the book.
Davide Lo Surdo entered music history in 2021, after the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine awarded him the title of fastest guitarist in the history of music (for his ability to play 129 notes per second). With the inclusion in Rock Memories vol. II for Lo Surdo a fate is fulfilled in all respects that sees him among those predestined to remain forever in the history of music.