Following her upbeat pop song, “Queen Bee,” the up-and-coming artist Edie Yvonne releases a spooky feel song that is just in time for Halloween, titled “Darkness Bliss.”

Edie Yvonne is an LA-based young star who is keeping her music mature and her sound accomplished. Every time I hear a new release, I’m amazed by Edie’s ability to express her feelings and personal experiences through introspective lyrics and coherent storytelling, as well as astonished by her powerful vocals.

“Darkness Bliss” is as its title suggests. It has a dark atmosphere, a dark story, and a dark performance. Through enticing, moving storytelling, as Edie’s emotional voice, with both vulnerable and powerful qualities, carries the bitterness that lies in every lyric, the song conveys a tale of a broken friendship that many can relate to.

The song begins with dramatic guitar riffs, setting the stage for Edie Yvonne‘s ethereal vocals to take center stage. The melancholic, edgy vibe that has been set right from the start remains throughout the track. The guitar and vocals harmonize pretty well, as if they’re singing together, soaring in a united melody, making the sky dark and shiny at the same time.

The fusion of indie pop and indie rock suits the theme and Edie’s vocals best. The overall production by Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta makes the song effortlessly demand repeated listens, as you get to enjoy the aesthetics of every element and how they flow and blend naturally together.

With many generic pop songs out there, Edie Yvonne makes sure to release a standout piece that demonstrates her blended sound and highlights her vocal abilities. “Darkness Bliss” below serves as a palpable testament.

Stay tuned and wait for the remarkable talent’s next release, “Girl Code.” I’m sure it will be mind-blowing!