Of course, country and folk music has its own flavor based on the country that it comes from. Mermaid Avenue is a Brisbane-based indie alternative country group that recently released their latest single, Darkest Hour. 

The land of INXS, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tame Impala, of course, the iconic rockers of all time, AC/DC. I believe that we are talking about the birth of up-and-coming new legends here. What’s impressive about the ‘Darkest Hour’ is its incredible production along with the songwriting. I loved how they used each instrument carefully to create a beautiful harmony that I have been missing in new releases nowadays. The singer is so passionate, and it’s like that type of vocal tone that goes into your heart and mind. It’s obvious here that Mermaid Avenue were keen to keep the structure of the song based on country and folk, however, they added great acoustic rock and bluesy guitar elements to create a superb output. 

Having people around you, care about you, and take your hands in the darkest times is what we all need, and this is why ‘Darkest Hour’ was made to deliver such a beautiful message; ‘Like so many people nowadays, I have been subject to dark times’ says singer and chief songwriter Peter Clarke ‘but I am fortunate that I have had the love of the people beside me to help me through. This song is how that love can help’. Mark Egan (bass player) continues ‘It’s really a beautiful song, and I think the message, the existence of hope shines through both the music and the lyrics ’