After tasting their latest single “Food on the Floor” that I was lucky enough to review, the British trio 9 O’clock Nasty are back with their new short, in-your-face single “Darker Star”. The very first demo of “Darker Star” was recorded with a cardboard box and an acoustic guitar with 5 strings and as you’ll hear, they kept that spirit going till the end. With a simple concept that pisses off most of us, “Darker Star” deals with different people’s fortunes or as they described it “Some people just have their life sorted before sperm meets egg. Others just cannot get a break. Yes, it’s written in the stars. I cannot have the same cool car as you because I was born under a Darker Star. Well, we were born under Darker Stars and we’re happy with that.”

Those guys still don’t give a single F*** about anything and they just go with whatever sound they like and I LOVE IT. “Darker Star” will charge you with lots of energy with its raw and organic sound. It mainly depends on the vocal melody, especially that hooking chorus “I would love to see this live” and that simple yet memorable main guitar riff with the bass keeping the groove going non-stop. 

“Darker Star” is a simple and raw tune with a simple loud and clear message “You might be luckier than me but I simply don’t give a shit”. It will easily make you put it on repeat and will send you checking out their old stuff and their upcoming tour dates. It is now on all streaming platforms and it has a video on YouTube that you need to check out. Please keep those coming and I’m looking forward for the next single. Cheers!

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