Dark Phantom is one of the successful and rising Metal bands in Iraq, the band was founded in 2007, and started to compose a number of singles, in addition to a number of local Metal performances.

Lately, the band released an official music video entitled ‘Nation of Dogs’ which you are currently reading its review!

In general, the music video expressed whole Dark Phantom members standing at a place while performing the track.
The location the band chose is somehow close to an empty building without any characteristics, maybe the band wanted to express the condition that Iraq lives now.

In general, ‘Nation of Dogs’ musically is very good, nice melodic notes, good harmony, and good production process.

But, the music video carries many mistakes. Firstly, the idea of the track is not creative enough, this idea has been repeated a lot among hundreds of bands around the world.

Secondly, the performance of the vocalist was somehow annoying and a bit over dramatic, which I wasn’t really fond of, specially he wanted to reflect somehow a crazy dynamic performance which was not suitable for the appearance of the vocalist.

Thirdly, there is a fatal mistake in mixing the shots of the video, in the middle of the video, you can feel camera cuts between the scenes. Or maybe that was intentional? Was it?

I understand, band as Dark Phantom may suffer from technical mistakes due to the status of Iraq and its current Metal scene. However, we wish them all the best in the upcoming steps.

FYI, Dark Phantom are asking for your support to make a tour in Syria, for more information, click here

Watch the video here and let us know what do you think.