Diana Hernandez

Focusing on each element of the song is not easy for the artist. As you have a certain musical vision and a sincere, personal story to deliver, you have got to make them align and offer the same spirit. Yelgo7 nailed to do so, naturally, and proficiently, in his single, “Dark Knight.”

Hailing from Brooklyn, the diverse artist, Yousuf Elgohary, who goes by the manufacturer name Yelgo7, has been on the scene for a while now and his single “Dark Knight” was released early this year, on the 10th of March, which deserves a lot of attention and appreciation for its remarkable musical structure and vulnerable, personal thoughts-revealing lyricism.

“Dark Knight” is relatable to everyone, as we all get lost and flop at times and struggle with at least one of the heavy sentiments mentioned in the explicit, achy lyrics. It takes courage to share and document a part of you while you are at your lowest, but it is also what makes the listeners connect with your music and touch its aesthetics and authenticity.

The single features engineer Greg Recchia, who embraced Yelgo7’s varied prowess, resulting in a flawless piece. As Yelgo7 is an artist who doesn’t play it safe. He wears both his heart and his abilities on his sleeve. He didn’t only skillfully write profound, touching lyrics, but also managed to mash different genres and result in two hooking beats that were both on point.

Its sound juggles between Latin Funk, which is introduced right from the intro with its Caribbean vibe that delivers the heavy-hearted lyrics smoothly, and Alt-Rock, with the melancholic riffs being accompanied by intense vocal performance. The passionate artist kept fluidly altering his vocals with the rhythms, having a funky attitude when needed and more of a dark and intense one to align with the edgy atmosphere.

Experiments come with both the possibility of failing and succeeding, but when it comes to Yelgo7, his experimental attempts go beyond crashing, and “Dark Knight” below is iconic evidence.