I guess, we all have been missing the special pop rock tunes of the ’90s, because nothing compares such powerful voice with quniue guitar soloing. The song takes you in a nine years relationship of Milly and her ex-partner, the son takes you on a journey of her trauma and several feelings, as she described those wonderful things that could happen even in some dark phases: The trauma I had to go through in seeing that was immense. Although it made me the most depressed I’d ever been, it also led me to a light I have never seen. I want people to know, there can be wonderful things on the other side of the bad. We sometimes need these tough experiences to become a stronger version of ourselves that we never thought we could be.” – she explained. I believe what makes this iconic is the harmony of the lead guitar with her impressive voice, both factors gave me goosebumps and EARgasm that I didn’t feel for quite some time. The song’s topic put me on some memories along with present experiences, well, I am not good with words like her, but really, THANK YOU, MILLY! 🙂

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Mena Ezzat

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