Ray Tarantino

After spending the summer playing gigs and festivals, the rocking duo Sinplus is back with their new raw single Dark Horse Running which was out October 14th, 2022. The duo announced that Dark Horse Running will mark a new cycle for the band that included an EP released in November and an upcoming full-length in Spring 2023. After hearing what they did on Dark Horse Running which they described as “A song for the outsiders”, we can’t be more excited about what they have in store, let me tell you why.

Sinplus are making their pure hard rock sound loud and clear with a rocking riff and engaging drums on Dark Horse Running’s intro. It keeps on getting stronger as the song progresses, the powerful vocals and constant distortion lead the song’s energetic dynamics, into shredding solos and a big harmonic catchy chorus. Dark Running Horse has a groovy relentless structure, it projects loads of dynamic energy through its sections that keep things interesting and will keep you moving from the 1st to the last note. 

Dark Horse Running shows Sinplus’ writing skills and how they stayed true to their influences while adding their own touch, creating a sound that’s their very own. They managed to keep it simple and pure rock n roll, with catchy riffing and rocking vocals all in a tight enjoyable structure that’ll leave every rock fan satisfied and keeping an eye on them for more. Looking forward to Sinplus’ future releases, keep on rocking guys, cheers!