Darià Artiola releases his first self-titled solo album, full-on 80s Rock and Alt-Rock. The compilation of 10 songs revolves around some of the mantras of his generation: the millennials.

Barcelona-based singer and songwriter debuted an album that advocates feminism, ecology, pollution, and the repercussions of the protests that set fire to the streets of Barcelona in 2019 in his first solo album.

Darià was raised with the Sonoran desert on the horizon but with the Mediterranean Sea in his heart. The dry Arizona weather shaped him, and his participation in the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus helped him discover the world of music that he loves to the core.

Today, known for his collaborations with several DJs under the artist name of Aroarer, he finally presents himself with his own work.

The first track of the album ‘Feeling in Your Heart’ kicks off with a strong Rock baseline and distinct vocals.

The middle track and interlude ‘Ghosts of Summer’ has a haunting effect, with an acoustic, supernatural guitar, and mysterious and bold vocals. Even though the tempo is slower than other tracks, its beat is alluring and captivating.

He released ‘Questions that Spin’ as a single in 2021. So forward to today, we have ‘Darià Artiola’ album, with the track slightly edited and forming part of his latest compilation. 

The intro of the song’s version in the album has a more taunting effect that slowly pedals its way to the song’s core, maintaining its dark but resolute rhythm.

‘That’s Ok’ is a beautiful Rockish ballad to sign off the album. One of the most upbeat tunes in the collection. The song talks about someone who has accepted their current situation, even though the outcome could have been better.

Overall, within ‘Darià Artiola’, there is a song for every taste. He shows a portrait of his music with a solid balance between loudness and mellow, breathy tones. Meanwhile, the various topics of his music touch down on real-life, day-to-day issues.