The guitars on ‘Dare To Dream’ are so massive at times that you start questioning all the other guitars you’ve ever heard. Attic Theory’s ‘Dare To Dream’ is a magnificent-sounding release that really explains the massive acclaim the group has been receiving.

Based in Liverpool, Attic Theory are a five-piece alternative rock act composed of the classic lineup of a frontman, a pair of guitarists, bass, and drums. Their sound on ‘Dare To Dream’ is quite simply brilliant. An immersive mix with commanding vocals, superb, lush guitars, a powerhouse of a rhythm section, and at the core of it all, a solid bit of songwriting and lyrical work.

Inspirational in nature, ‘Dare To Dream’ dares listeners to do just that. Zero filler. With Lewis Wright’s exhilarating vocals forefronting the mix with a stirring delivery, the stage is set behind him for a wonderfully shapeshifting guitar arrangement. Ranging from exquisite, modal, and syncopated verses, with tight, overdriven goodness from guitarists Tim Cunningham and Matt Lawler to all-out distorted mayhem on the hooks. The tones are amazing. Balanced and calculated. The rhythm section is a solid backbone for the song, delivering the grooves quite eloquently throughout. Keeping the mix light when needed, heavier when necessary, and not forgetting to go insane in the climax.

‘Dare To Dream’ is a song that displays the awesome level of musicianship Attic Theory are on. Mixed to perfection, with terrific performances across the board. An anthem from an impressive debut album.