Ty Trehern

I don’t know who you see it but there are some places that have their own rock flavor. Definitely, New Orleans is one of the worldwide known cities of its distinguished music artistic taste. You can say we have a new iconic act from there, and they are called Born Astray. Let’s discover! 

The four incredible dudes were capable of presenting a powerful alternative rock-pop tune that satisfied any music fan’s needs. ‘Dangerous’ is taken off their debut album ‘Kinsey Six Genesis’ which is coming out in Spring 2023. When you check the track, and the music video, you can say oh! Here’s another normal rock tune, but when you get deeper in this 3:30-minute track you can find the impressive variety of layering over here. Although I loved all their impressive lines, I cannot deny that the vocals were the main factor to like this track. Cody Pala, who also directed the music video, did great singing transitions indeed to deliver various feelings to me including aggression and passion. In addition, the hard catchy riffing by Jess Roger, and powerful drumming by Seas Doria, and of course, the impressive bassline by Ryan Henriquez that was holding the core of the track. 

Actually, I cannot wait until the spring and definitely I highly recommend these guys for anyone who is looking for unique modern and original rock music.