Mark your calendars on the 10th of February as singer/songwriter Sano Hill is releasing his soft rock single “Dancer”. The 6th single from his upcoming album “If Not Now, When?” that “charts a musician’s artistic development over the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to doubt and denial, disillusionment, breakup and recovery” said Sano.

 Sano Hill is an Irish singer/songwriter based in Galway, Ireland who has had a passion for songwriting and music since a young age. In 2022 Sano decided to launch his solo career by releasing his debut single “The Climb”. Within a year he released 5 critically acclaimed singles accumulating about 200k streams and 1.5k monthly listeners on Spotify.

 “Dancer” is a soft and mellow song with a dramatic atmosphere created by pretty piano chords, melodic acoustic guitar, and strings section in the background. With an introduction of a laid back beat in the first chorus before transitioning into a small music interlude of a heartfelt melody on the cello. In the outro, airy strings and slide guitars backed by a soft rock beat create an atmospheric and beautiful soundscape. While Sano’s warm tone and flawless voice singing poetic lyrics takes the entire spotlight and boosts the overall wholesome atmosphere of the song. As explained by Sano “Dancer deals with the challenge of artistic creation, set against the background of a memory of a dance, and the first fires of a romantic encounter. It is part love song, part artistic reflection”.