What I really love about Steven’s music is how keen he is about the technicalities along with the songwriting process. I beleive it was a very smart move to deliver a track with unfamiliar tuning (To tune an instrument, often only one reference pitch is given. This reference is used to tune one string, to which the other strings are tuned in the desired interval) in which it gave a very rich and deep sounding for the whole track. I noticed that the recording was very smart too, because the lines aligned together in his recording sessions, acoustic and electric. Both elements gave an interesting Halloween atmosphere really. Usually, when you listen to a track you can identify its main style, even if it’s merged with another one, but for the ‘Dance of the Vampire’, you can find eastern and western elements alike to create a masterful vintage experience. “My new album covers the majesty of my new marriage. A lot of it was recorded primitively with one microphone in completely live settings (no overdubs) — I also picked up the guitar for the first time in over 20 years — the included track was the first song recorded using a Paul Reed Smith P22 — I use Robert Fripp’s New Standard Tuning on the guitar tracks.”Steven Clarkson explained. Finally, if you’re looking for psychedelic masterpieces then I’d recommend you to add When Mountains Speak to your music library right away. Enjoy!

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Mena Ezzat