Having a point of view and a message, there is no better way than songs to deliver it to people.

Deiphos Jay’s wanted to express his opinion and his message in his very British way through his new song Dance like you mean it 

“Dance like you mean” is a good work of electronic music that shows good experience in this field.

it’s a song with a catchy lead and simple lyrics with a wonderful British accent I found myself hearing the song more than once and then I found myself repeating the main verse many times

Deiphos said “live on the edge to give everyone else some room” and because of his beautiful soul and hardworking “Dance like you mean it” currently stands at No.2 in the alternative top 50 charts on Drooble social media platform a few days after its release and this is a great achievement but I am confident that Deiphos is looking for more than that and he will achieve more than that because he cares about people and he will get what is the best.

The song is a real gain for all fans of this kind of music. enjoy not only listening to it but also the moment you are having now