Charles Why, Amelia-Moon

The dynamic duo Golem Dance Cult starts the year by releasing their new garage rock single “Dalek Rhetoric” coupled with a visually creative video, giving us a taste of what to expect from their upcoming album “Legend of the Bleeding Heart” that is set to be released next March.

Golem Dance Cult is an industrial dance-rock duo with more than 14k views on Youtube and more than 250k streams on Spotify. The band was founded in 2021 by Laur Veglam on lead vocals and multi-instrumentalist Charles Why on bass, guitar, vocals, and production duties. Their chemistry and companionship can be traced back to when they were teenagers and joined their first band in which Charles was the bassist and Laur was the drummer.

“Dalek Rhetoric” is an up-beat garage rock inspired by the British TV show Dr. Who’s fictional race “The Daleks”. “Dalek are extraterrestrial killing machines with a binary thinking pattern: you are either a Dalek or they will destroy you. This seems fitting with the mentality of the World we live in” explained by the band. Soaring guitars start off the song leading into fuzz bass, hard-hitting groovy drums, and guitar riffs layered with sirens. Sprinkled with equally energetic Laur‘s dark and melodic vocals the song has an energetic and groovy vibe that forces the listener to headbang all the way. “Dalek Rhetoric” is a well-produced and addictive song that really hypes up the release of their next album. Check it out now.