Credits: Hadi Abdulhak

Daijor is an Egyptian four-talented piece metal group that started its journey last year by delivering a fine metal output by combining modern and old-school elements in an iconic shape. “Rosas w Harb” is their latest single which premiered today on YouTube. The music video footage and lyrical theme represent the current Palestinian uprising and how the band reacts to the current events. I will talk about music later, however, I believe music and art are some of the strongest forms that we can use in our revolt. The so-called State practices all propaganda means in order to seek sympathy from the Western side, but we all know now that wars are not only with guns and stones, but propaganda is also one of the most important means, and if you go back in history, remember what was said about Hitler in the last century.

I really loved how the band was keen to deliver “Rosas w Harb” in an aggressive but kept it melodic, so you simply bang and sing along all the time. Although, it’s amazing indeed, still, I still understand the band has a vision of keeping it in Arabic only. In fact, I thought it would be nice in a multi-lingual singing format.

In my opinion, if these guys continued and kept evolving they’d be one of the most iconic metal acts in the Middle East. Now, it’s time to feel the revolt below…